What Medical Professionals are Saying

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"The Tupler Technique® is a fantastic way of strengthening your core and flattening your abdomen."

Dr. Shounuck I. Patel, D.O MMS, FAAPMR
Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medical Specialist
Board-certified in Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

"Julie Tupler RN is an expert on treating diastasis recti."

- Dr. Oz, Oprah and Friends

"The Tupler Technique®, by itself or in combination with procedures, is a superior way to take back control of your body and to recreate a strong, healthy, attractive, and confident you. That’s why I’ve long recommended the technique to all of my patients."

- Elie Levine, MC FACS, Dir. of Plastic Surgery at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC

"The Tupler Technique®, a special abdominal exercise, is great for maintaining the results of stomach surgery…….it helps to strengthen the side abdominal muscles, so they don’t spread back out."

- Dr Sharon Giese, Plastic Surgeon, NYC

Actual Users Love Better Belly

Don A.

"I found Julie's program really easy to work with and easy to follow. It didn't take me a lot of time or anything like that, and I could track my progress as I went along each and every day. And I could really feel the benefits of really using her program in just a matter of a couple weeks. I feel that my core abdomen muscles and everything now, after doing Julie's program, are as good as they've ever been in my life."

Gayatri M.

"When I started doing Julie's program, I was surprised because I'm aware of the core muscles for my whole life. But working with them in the way that Julie's program gets you to do the kind of core work on the transverse abdominal muscles was very unique and was not something that I had tried before. I think it's something that once you have that awareness in your body and of the part of your body and the importance that it has in your life, that's with you for life. So that's life changing."

Laura B.

"So after having gone through pregnancy and birth, I was not feeling as self-confident with the way my body looked, and I was so excited to work with Julie through this program of helping to restore that confidence so that I'm wearing fitted clothes, wearing a bikini at the beach and feeling really sexy."

Monet D.

"Before Julie's program, I felt very empty inside, inside my core. That's the best way for me to describe it. I felt very disconnected. As I started to work Julie's program, I started to have a level of confidence that I didn't have before, and it came from the inside-out. It wasn't just about how I looked and how my look was changing. I felt stronger from the inside-out, not only physically, but it also helped me feel stronger emotionally. Going forward, as I continued her program, and even now, it's changed my ability to relate to the world because of my confidence. It's just been such an asset, emotionally. I feel like I look better now after Julie's program than I did before I had kids."

Olga K.

"I was doing everything I could to make my stomach smaller, but it kept getting bigger and I did not understand why. Before, I couldn't wear bikini because I was so ashamed of my body. Now, I love wearing bikinis, because people give me compliments and they can't believe I have kids. It feels amazing."

Rick S.

"I've got a much better belly thanks to Julie. I mean, I can see the difference in the mirror already and it's only been a couple of weeks. My core and my abs right now are better than they were 20 years ago. I've got a lot more stamina. It's easier to do things. I find lifting is a lot quicker and a lot easier for me. I don't have to strain as much because your core dominates your body, your movements, your actions, lifting any kind of a weight. You need a good, strong core."

Sue P.

"I'd see women in my building that are round shouldered and hunched over and have bellies that are hanging out. And I just want to shake them and say to them, "Come and join me and do Julie's program with me. It's incredible. You'll stand straighter. You'll feel better. You won't have aches and pains where you have to hunch over. You'll feel a million times better."

Tracy N.

"Without a doubt, my abs are stronger now than they were when I was in my thirties. Why? Because I took my abs for granted I was in my thirties. I was young and didn't see a reason to protect my abs in the way I do now. There's no question that thanks to Julie and the Tupler Technique I have a better belly, I have a stronger belly, I have a flatter better belly, and I have a belly that I can rely on to help me do the work of my life. Pick up heavy things, play with my children, fence, play tennis, lift heavy weights and put them down again, which is what you do in lifting. And so, yes, I rely on the Tupler Technique to keep my belly better."

Sue B.

"I now wear a size I have NEVER worn in my entire life although I weigh approximately what I always weighed during the 25+ years I reared my children. I would encourage anyone, and I mean ANYONE of ANY age to commit to this program for your own well-being and strength."

Lissa M.

"Thank you again for designing this program. You have not only made a physical difference in my body but an emotional difference by giving me my self-confidence back. I've never been happier with my figure."

Katie C.

"Can never thank you enough for this—a dream come true to have a flat stomach after 7 pregnancies!!"

Alisa B.

"I am writing because I just started the program. I have just finished my 6th day and although the road ahead will be a long one, I am determined to heal my body. I wanted to show you the astounding difference in my body in just six days. I can still see in the mirror exactly where my separation is but the size of my belly has been reduced dramatically in such a short time."

Tara P.

"I owe you a great deal of gratitude for helping me finally feel comfortable with my body. After 3 children and consistent exercise I could not get rid of my protruding belly button, lower back pain and still looked like I was 2-3 months pregnant. Within three weeks my belly button went in and after 6 months the connective tissue is stronger. I am a big believer in exercise and what you taught me will be a part of my life forever. Thank you."

Mickey G.

"I want to thank you so much for helping me to overcome my diastasis. I am 64 years old, 6 ft. 1 in height, 185 pounds and have maintained a good physical condition all my life. But I was bothered that in recent years, I could not maintain a relatively flat stomach. I started researching diastasis online and came across Julie Tupler Technique® and decided to give it a try. I started wearing the splints and also began the exercises. I was totally amazed at the immediate results. Thanks again for developing your rehab technique for diastasis. I might even try going on the beach again!"

Andrew J.

"I had been attending the gym regularly for the past 8 months and it had turned out that I had injured myself over exerting whilst doing a series of ab exercises. I was told by my GP that there was nothing that could be done to repair the damage and that it was something I would have to live with. After following the program for only 6 weeks I had already started to notice the difference - I had not been to the gym and was not doing any exercise other than what Julie's program had prescribed! I have now started going back to the gym and I am incorporating what I have learned with her program in my own training, and I am continuing to see improvements - I will certainly never be doing a crunch again and given the results I've had from Julie's program I can honestly say that I will never need to! I can't say thank you enough to Julie for her help and for the quality of the program - thank you!"

Matthew S.

"Hi Julie, I just wanted to thank you for developing this technique. I was dubious at first as to how effective it could really be, but all I can say is WOW. I am in Week 4 of the technique and my stomach is already flatter than it's been in at least 20 years! Thank you so much!"

Tony R.

"I can tell you that it has made a massive difference in my health not having the belt overhang. I think my body alignment is much better and my balance has returned to very good. I thought that all the pain and discomfort was just age related but it was really because I had just let myself decline. Thanks to you I am on the road to better health."