Better Belly by Julie with the Tupler Technique®

The Real Solution to Slim Your Bulging Belly

  • Look and Feel Better
  • Increase Core Strength
  • Improve Overall Health

Tried Everything to Get Rid of Your Bulging Belly?

It’s not your fault, your bulging belly could be due to a separation of your outermost (transverse) abdominal muscles known as diastasis recti. Most people don’t even know they have diastasis recti.

The condition gets progressively worse as you age. Your belly WILL bulge no matter how many exercises or fad diets you try. Plus, once your ab muscles become separated, they are not doing their job of supporting your core.

But even if you don’t have diastasis recti, this system is for ANYONE who wants a flatter belly and stronger core.

The Secret to Achieving a Flatter Belly and Stronger Core

The Tupler Technique® Crafted Carefully Over 30 Years

Better Belly by Julie with the Tupler Technique® is a revolutionary program designed by Julie Tupler to flatten your belly and strengthen your core! In just a few easy steps:

  1. The TogetherWear™ Tank Top & Splint help your separated muscles and weak connective tissue much like a cast would heal a broken bone.

  2. Add the sweat-free Tupler Technique® exercises while watching TV, driving your car or sitting at your computer.
  3. Develop awareness of your core muscles and say bye-bye to your bulging belly for good.

Imagine the moment when you look in the mirror and finally see a flatter belly, and when you feel better thanks to a stronger core. It’s time you experience the Tupler Technique®, so you can look and feel your best.

What's Included in Your Package

Togetherwear™ Tank Top and Splint

Unlike shapewear that you need to wear forever, TogetherWear™ is designed to discretely bring your separated muscles together, so you can then enjoy the benefits of having a flatter belly and stronger core moving forward.


This comprehensive DVD will teach you everything about the Tupler Technique® including easy seated exercises, diastasis safe workouts, and awareness of your transverse abdominal muscle to maintain a flatter belly.


Shows you the step-by-step process to flatten your belly. This easy-to-read guidebook is filled with tips and tricks on how to be successful in the program and includes weekly grids to track your progress.


She’s with you every step of the way! Designed to give you all you need to succeed, ask questions to Julie directly during live webinars and stay motivated throughout the program. Direct access to the expert, like that, is unheard of!

Look Good, Feel Good, and Get Results

TogetherWear™ Your Little Secret to Looking Better

Real people, real results!

This is not a weight loss product. Results are not typical. Participants in the 18-week program had an average waist circumference reduction of 4.22 inches.

Doctor Recommended, Better Belly by Julie

Why the Tupler Technique®

Paid Endorser

"The Tupler Technique® is a fantastic way of strengthening your core and flattening your abdomen."

Dr. Shounuck I. Patel, D.O MMS, FAAPMR
Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medical Specialist
Board-certified in Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

I was doing everything I could to make my stomach smaller, but it kept getting bigger and I did not understand why. Before, I couldn't wear bikini because I was so ashamed of my body. Now, I love wearing bikinis, because people give me compliments and they can't believe I have kids. It feels amazing.

- Olga K.

I've got a much better belly thanks to Julie. I mean, I can see the difference in the mirror already and it's only been a couple of weeks. My core and my abs right now are better than they were 20 years ago. I've got a lot more stamina. It's easier to do things. I find lifting is a lot quicker and a lot easier for me. I don't have to strain as much because your core dominates your body, your movements, your actions, lifting any kind of a weight. You need a good, strong core.

- Rick S.

I'd see women in my building that are round shouldered and hunched over and have bellies that are hanging out. And I just want to shake them and say to them, "Come and join me and do Julie's program with me. It's incredible. You'll stand straighter. You'll feel better. You won't have aches and pains where you have to hunch over. You'll feel a million times better.

- Sue P.

About Julie

Registered Nurse
Certified Fitness Instructor

The Better Belly System was created by an extraordinary woman. Julie Tupler is a Registered Nurse and Certified Personal Trainer. She is the author of Together Tummy and has been on the advisory board of the Medical Fitness Network and has appeared on many national television programs such as the Today show, Regis & Kelly, as well as in many fitness, medical, and women’s health magazines. For over 30 years she has been teaching and developing the Tupler Technique®. She has become a leading expert on diastasis recti, and is a frequent speaker at medical and fitness conferences. Julie’s program has been used by personal trainers and celebrities. Julie has dedicated her entire life to flattening bellies, helping people to look better, and just as important, feel better.

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Try the Complete Better Belly by Julie System for 30 Days

What's included:

  • Togetherwear™ Splint
  • Togetherwear™ Tank Top
  • Complete Program Guide DVD By Julie
  • Easy Tupler Technique® Guidebook
  • BONUS: Online Support Program with Julie
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What's included:

  • Togetherwear™ Splint
  • Togetherwear™ Tank Top
  • Complete Program Guide DVD By Julie
  • Easy Tupler Technique® Guidebook
  • BONUS: Online Support Program with Julie
  • Free Shipping and Handling ($14.99 Value!)