Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

The Better Belly program is extremely easy to get started. Simply put on your TogetherWear™ Tank Top and Splint and follow your Complete Program DVD and Guidebook. Plus, we have an easy-to-follow online support program, weekly emails to keep you on track, and bi-monthly webinars with Julie the inventor to help you every step of the way!

Yes, they are hand washable with soap and water. Please air-dry both the tank top and the splint. The filaments in the loop velcro on the tank and on the pad of the splint will be destroyed and the hook and loop will not work if you put it in the washer and dryer.

Our Customer Care Representatives are available to help:  
Phone: 800-727-2233
Customer Support:

Hours of Operation: 9 am – 9 pm EST, Seven Days a Week 

Our Customer Care Representatives are available to help:  
Phone: 800-727-2233
Customer Support:

Hours of Operation: 9 am – 9 pm EST, Seven Days a Week 

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Sizing Questions

TogetherWear™ Splint Sizing Chart

Product Size US Size(s) Back Size Belly Circumference
Extra Small 0-4 10 - 12" 24 - 27"
Small 4-6 13 - 16" 28 - 34"
Medium 8-10 17 - 19" 35 - 38"
Large 10-12 20 - 22" 39 - 42"
Extra Large 14-16 23 - 25" 43 - 46"

Measuring for your TogetherWear™ Splint

You will need to measure your back and the circumference of your body at belly button height. Your back measurement is the most important to determine the proper size. Please follow the below steps and this sizing chart to choose the right size(s).

  1. Measure your back, from one side to the other side (where the side seam of a tight-fitting garment would be) at the height of your ribcage.
  2. Measure the circumference of your body over your belly button where your belly is the largest. Your muscles should be relaxed when you measure.
    Please Note: Your waist size does not determine belly size.
  3. Choose your size based on the measurements taken above.

If you do not have a measuring tape, measure with a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler.

Use your usual US sizing or measure your chest and hips and follow the below sizing chart.

TogetherWear™ Women's Tank Top Sizing Chart

Product Size US Size(s) Chest Hip
Extra Small 0-4 32½ - 33½" 35½ - 37½"
Small 4-6 33½ - 35½" 37½ - 38½"
Medium 8-10 35½ - 37½" 38½ - 41½"
Large 10-12 37½ - 39½" 41½ - 42½"
Extra Large 14-16 39½ - 41½" 42½ - 43½"

TogetherWear™ Men's Tank Top Sizing Chart

Product Size US Size(s) Chest Hip
Extra Small XS 34 - 36" 34 - 35"
Small S 36 - 38" 35 - 36"
Medium M 38 - 40" 36 - 40"
Large L 40 - 42" 38 - 40"
Extra Large XL 42 - 44" 38 - 40"

Measure the circumference of your body around the belly button in the evening when your belly is the largest. Your abdominal muscles should be relaxed when you measure.

If your belly circumference is larger than the range on the chart, then the arms of the splint need to be longer. For this reason, we have developed Extenders (available in our online store) that Velcro on to the ends of each of the three arms to make them longer. These will also be available for purchase after you purchase the Better Belly System.

Diastasis Recti and The Better Belly by Julie Program

This program makes the diastasis recti smaller by tightening the connective tissue. As the connective tissue becomes shallower, the muscles come together. Tightening this connective tissue is all about putting it in the right position and protecting it from expanding again.

During the first six weeks of the program, it is important to limit your weightlifting, exercise classes and sporting activities until you have developed abdominal strength and awareness to protect your connective tissue. Then, in week 6 you will be taught a diastasis safe workout. During this first 6 weeks, you can do cardio exercises like walking outside or on a treadmill, the Elliptical machine, or upright stationary bike. Please no running or jumping.

If after 18 weeks your connective tissue is not shallow enough to hold the muscles in a close together position, continue to wear the splint and do anywhere between 10 to 20 sets of the 100 contracting exercises per day. You can stop wearing your splint when your connective tissue is shallow enough to hold your muscles in a close together position. However, it’s best to continue to do your transverse muscle exercises for the rest of your life.

It will be helpful to follow Your Complete Program Guide DVD for step-by-step instructions on exercises, posture and more! Plus, read the weekly emails from Better Belly by Julie to keep up-to-date on your next exercise techniques and tips. If you have further questions on the exercises or anything else regarding the program, Julie is available to answer all of your questions during the webinars (2x monthly).

The Tupler Technique® is a great exercise for toning even if you do not have a diastasis at all.

No. The program is all about shallowing the diastasis. This may give you a flatter belly and smaller waist. The loose skin is a lack of collagen issue.

One of the functions of the recti muscle is to support the back. When the muscles separate it weakens the support for the back and may causes back problems. When you engage the transverse is shortens the recti (outermost muscle) from the middle and makes the diastasis smaller. Also, when you engage the transverse muscle, you are also working the lumbar multifidus muscle. Working this muscle may also help with low back pain.*

* This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Any instructions provided are for informational purposes only. Please consult your health care provider before wearing this splint or doing the Tupler Technique® Program.

** If you experience any discomfort while using the product please immediately consult your physician and discontinue use of the product.

Splint Wearing Questions

Absolutely not. The purpose is approximation (pulling together) not compression. It puts the connective tissue in a better position to heal and the muscles in a better position making the exercises more effective. Wearing a splint is just one of the 4 steps of the program. Wearing the splint makes doing the exercises easier because you are able to feel the muscles working.

Absolutely! The TogetherWear™ Splint and Tank Top are designed to discretely wear under your clothes for everyday wear.

This will help you begin to start developing an awareness of how to use your abdominals, how to move your body and how to protect your connective tissue while doing these activities. For example, before you move engage your abdominal muscles, make sure you bend with a flat back and when you bend over put your hand on your belly to protect your connective tissue.

The more you wear it, the faster your results. Like wearing a cast, you will get the best result by wearing the splint all the time to continuously keep the connective tissue and muscles in the right position, which includes sleeping and just taking it off for 15 minutes when you bathe. Make sure you clean and dry your belly button before putting it back on.

When putting on your splint please always put it on in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing and put it on correctly. When you are attaching the elastic arms of the splint to the pad please turn to the side so you attach it in the right place.

To keep the Velcro on your splints working you need to hand wash and air dry them. Also, don't attach and detach it too many times. Getting up and down with a flat back also keeps it in place better.

Please watch your Complete Program guide DVD for instructions on how to wear the TogetherWear™ Splint and Tank Top. You can also read the instructions or watch this video.

How long it lasts depends on how often you take it off. That is why it is important to look in a mirror when you are putting it on so you put it on correctly the first time and don’t have to readjust it several times. If it bunches up just pull it down. You don’t have to take it off.

Limit the number of times you take it off to no more than 3 times a day. To help preserve the elastic, you do not have to stretch the arms too much to attach it. Stretching the arms a lot when attaching it will also make it too tight. Wearing the splint too tight can cause negative side effects.

You do not have to wear the splint that tight. It will cause a decrease in circulation creating numbness and swelling. It will also not stay in place. When you are attaching the elastic arms to the pad you should not have to pull on the elastic that much to fasten it. If you have to pull on the elastic too much the arms may be too short, you may need extenders available for purchase here.

The purpose of the splint is an approximation (pulling together) the two separated muscles and taking the stretch off the connective tissue. The purpose of the girdle, abdominal binders and body shaping garments is a compression (pulling back) of the abdominal muscles.

Yes. If you can hold the TogetherWear™ Splint (scarf or arms of sweater) while doing the seated and back lying exercises you will make progress. However, the program will take longer than if you wore the TogetherWear™ Splint and Tank Top all the time.

If you experience any discomfort while using the product, please immediately consult your physician and discontinue use of the product. If you have any serious breathing issues such as emphysema or heart issues, it is recommended that you do not wear the splint. If you have any other medical conditions, please consult your physician before wearing the splint.

If you wear the splint too tight or too low over your hips you can cause pain, swelling and numbness.

You may also experience back pain after sleeping which can be caused by wearing it too tight or the position of your body while sleeping. If you experience any discomfort while using the product please immediately consult your physician and discontinue use of the product.